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  • Iran Fahim Oil product carrier

    The highlight of this particular project is that installation of the propulsion system is done with the minimum allowance tolerances and this accomplishment has been made by the hand of Iranian experts, engineers & technicians for the first time.
    Knowing that all of the similar tasks have been done by the foreign experts in the past, makes this accomplishment bold & glowing in the Iranian marine industries.

  • Iran Kashan Container Ship

    This is the third ocean going vessel project that ISOICO constructed & launched successfully in his shipyard. By the official statements of client the quality of construction of this vessel is better than the similar projects which had been accomplished in oversea shipyards.
    All the phases of this project including design engineering construction harbor tests & commissioning is accomplished by the Iranian & ISOICO experts, engineers & technicians.
    This project divides in to 29 systems & 300 sub system & work packages including 50,000 Dia-Inch piping, 65Km cabling, 450Km welding and etc.

  • Catamaran Landing Craft

    Landing craft catamaran is designed & constructed in ISOICO shipyard for the first time in the marine industries history in the Middle East and it’s specialized to carry heavy cargo with the high speeds.
    The efficiency of this vessel for the speed against cargo weigh is 30% higher in compare with conventional landing crafts.

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Mission and duty of Company

Basic and detail designing all variety of vessels and preparing engineering shop drawings and   constructing ships up to 80000 DWT


yard-development reasons

Having a good variety of active and workshops-well equipped with proper and suitable facilities and equipment- as well as skillful manpower, besides an existing demanding market for ships at home and abroad has made a good opportunity for reconnaissance, analyzing and investment on foreign markets and also yard development and expanding its activities 


privilege concession

According to the potentially developing mark for shipbuilding industry in the region, this company considering its own interest is all set for cooperation and creating the field of investment in accordance with its assignment and duty. it is to mention that any decision made as per above (investment and cooperation)requires holding meetings and bonging contracts








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